Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're here!!

Well, we took three full days to get to Colorado, and wow, it was a beautiful drive. We took it really slow and stopped at some museums and drove through Colorado monument state park..It was beautiful. The kids did great, thanks for all of the prayers, however Judah has developed a fever and is quarantined in our room until it clears up. That means one of us has to sit out of the class to stay with him. Erin and I switch off watching him and we listen to what's going on through a baby monitor. Over all things are great. It is always good to be able to hear from people who are experiencing the same things as we are. We have already been blessed by just the overview of the program and are looking forward to learning about ourselves and how God views us. 
    I hope you can enjoy some of our pictures. Please continue to pray for our support... Even though we are going in August, we are still in need of quite a bit of monthly and one time support.
May Jesus Bless You All,

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