Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DVD info

Hello all! We have sent out the first of the DVDs in the past few weeks and I am hoping that we are getting new visitors to our blog. For all of you new folks....Welcome!! Some other important places to visit would be Myspace and We aren't on stint yet but they are supposedly re- doing the site and we will be on the new one. For anyone that wants specific info, comment on a blog or email me @ 
May Jesus Bless You All,

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's been a while...

      It has been a while since we updated you all. I was in a minor motorcycle accident last friday and have been nursing my road rash for the last week. It wasn't too bad, I was up one moment and down sliding the next. All things considered I came out pretty well.
      So we are still in the middle of our fundraising to go to Costa Rica and we've reached 35%. we still have quite a ways to go but God will be faithful. The other night I was talking to Erin and was overwhelmed with the fact that I really want to go in august. I know that things would be easier if we waited but I get a sense that God wants us to go in august as well. 
       I have been preparing a DVD to send out to churches and friends that may help us in our fundraising process. We are looking to have opportunities to speak to churches and share our needs, so if you think your church would be willing to have us check out this video. If it interests you and you think your mission board or pastor would be willing to have us send me an E-mail and I'll give you more details. 
Jesus Bless You,