Thursday, June 26, 2008

And we're off!!!

It's thursday night, we've been going non-stop for quite a while now but it's gonna slow down soon. Tomorrow I go to work while Erin packs the suitcases and the car... Our great friends, Chey (shy) and Bugs, are watching the kids for a while... when I get off at 3:30 I will rush home to find my family strapped in the car, already singing songs, and we will be out of the driveway by 4:00!! 
    Ok maybe not, but Erin is packing, the kids are being watched and we are leaving as soon as we can after I get off work. hopefully by 4:00. We're going to Colorado to MTI (missionary Training International) where we will be until July 20th. We are praying that it is a relaxing trip and that God will refresh and prepare us for our departure to Costa Rica in august. It's all but official... I mean... it's official we just haven't booked our plane tickets yet. But that's in the works. 
    GOD IS GOOD. I never want to be caught asking "if God will" again. I only want to ask When and How will He do it? He has set it up so that we can fully depend on him. He designed it to be that way. To say If God will, when talking about His provision, must be out of a wrong perspective. He will always provide.... Maybe not how or when we want but He will always do it. He is continually showing us that. Oh God forgive us of our unbelief... Anyways.... these are the ramblings of a man who is falling deeper and deeper in love with the most high God who has loved me longer than I could ever comprehend. 
     So we're off... We'll be back for a month... God is good.... That's the summary. More to come soon!!!
May Jesus bless each of you,

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