Sunday, July 20, 2008

Settling in- Getting ready to go.

Wow... We had a long trip home. 22 hrs in the car with two kids. You can imagine. Actually it wasn't that bad, the kids did great and it seemed the farther we got from Colorado the more they became normal again. At least Judah. He's happy and bubbly, loud, and he slept all through the night last night. It was hard on him being away from both Erin and I all day. He was attention deprived, so it's good for him to be home in the routine again.
So we're home for the moment but by the 1st of August we intend to be done packing, fixing our house and moved in with my parents till we leave. WOW!! CRAZY!! Be praying for us. We both have seen the value of the sabbath and have wanted to make it a priority in our lives but with so much to do we could feel like it's impossible to set that time aside. Pray also for our continued fundraising. We have enough to scrape by and will be leaving no matter what but we still need to have more $$ to be residents and to be able to afford, maintain, and insure a car.
To all of our brothers and sisters from MTI we love you and miss you. I was just telling Erin that I just want to sit and talk with you all. I feel all sappy like a girl but I think I am taking this harder than I should. I truly miss all of you.

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