Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March letter to you all!!!

Here is a text only version of our letter for those of you who couldn't get it from the e-mail.

Janzen Update
December- February 2008

Ready to do whatever God wants us to do!

Before Anything Else
Since our letter went out in late December we have had great responses from you all. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are all very special to us. Your support has been a great confirmation of what God has called us to do in this season. We are privileged to have such a great Base of friends.

Christmas at a glance
Our family spent the holidays in Visalia and Hanford with close family.  We enjoyed each other very much and especially watching all the kids.  This was Judah’s 1st Christmas, so he thoroughly enjoyed the boxes and paper! In all the busyness of the season we were able to reflect on the faithfulness of God to our family and not taking for granted the time we have left before we leave.

Judah Turned One February 13th!! 
Our son, Judah, turned one on February 13th.  We have so enjoyed watching him grow, learn, and be “all boy.”  His first year has gone by quickly and we try desperately to keep up with how he is changing and growing.  Where does the time go? We always hear that and it is absolutely the truth. To remember where the time went, Erin made a video of Judah’s first year to show friends and family. You may view it on our blog listed at the bottom of the page.  Sometimes we have to just sit and savor the preciousness of this age and innocence. Although we’d be lying if we didn’t say that as Judah has turned the corner of the “Big One,” he’s definitely begun to strongly express his opinion about life.  We daily are dependent on God’s wisdom and grace to raise our kids as He desires. It is a job we wouldn’t trade for the world, but it’s something we cannot do alone.  

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We Are almost 25% of the Way!!!
Since our last letter in December we have had a GREAT response. We are building a strong base of prayer supporters and our financial supporters are truly a blessing. As most of you know, we have two separate accounts that we are funding. One is for pre-field expenses such as: language school, M.T.I. (Missionary Training International), our moving expenses, and possibly a car when we get to Costa Rica. The other is for our monthly expenses when we are there. For example, rent, utilities, food, etc. We need to have $20,000-$25,000 in our pre-field account and $3,600 monthly. Those who are  supporting us monthly right now are helping us to build our pre-field account and will continue to help us as long as they are able. Currently we are close to 25% in our pre-field account and people have “pledged” to give monthly about 25% of what we need.  

We Need Your Help
God has brought some great opportunities to raise some more support outside our small church. Erin and I both attended Master’s Commission in 2001-2003. I just learned that I am only one class away from receiving my license through the Assembly Of God (AOG) denomination. This could be a great source of support because the AOG is very supportive of missionaries. I also have developed a great friendship with some of the pastoral staff of Tulare Bethel AOG. They are a great blessing to us and have already begun their support. Although we have some great opportunities to raise money through some great sources we still need you! We need you to pray, give, and help! We need people who would like to help us raise support both pre-field and monthly. One way that you could do that is to hold a dessert or dinner for us and invite your friends who might like to help us financially . It’s one way to get outside of our circle of friends and let others help as well. I am becoming more and more convinced that as we give God will pour out on us in return. All of us can’t leave to spread the gospel but we can support those that do. When we support those that go, and as you support us, I know that some of the blessing He will give to us He will also give to you.                      
  May Jesus bless you abundantly,
        Jeremy, Erin, Ella, and Judah

To Give: Send Checks to SI -PO Box 2733 Visalia, CA 93279 (Ph)559-627-8923 or Students@stint.com 
make all checks payable to SI or Students International