Monday, July 27, 2009

As promised... I was healed!!

So here it is as was promised to my facebook friends... But first a little background for those of you who are completely in the dark. A year ago from this last June I was in a motorcycle accident on a friends bike. It was a solo accident and I think I hit some sand and went down. I was going about 45-55MPH and fell straight on the left side of my body. My face and my left wrist took the brunt of the fall and then I slid on my forearms for 44 feet. The doctors couldn't immediately tell but I broke my wrist in the fall. It was put in a brace for a few weeks and after the brace came off I realized that my wrist no longer bent back like it should. The doctor prescribed physical therapy to stretch it out but by that time it was two weeks before we left to Costa Rica. Since then my wrist has hurt too bad to do push-ups, hand stands (with Ella) or even push myself u off the floor. It must have really been a sight to see me have to roll over on my stomach get up on my knees and then use only my right hand to get up. Well not any more!!!
So the other night I was on facebook just peering into other peoples lives (creepy I know, the whole concept is weird) when I came across this video posted by my friend lindsay.After that I just flippantly said "Erin, pray for my wrist." Erin prayed and immediately my wrist felt a little better so I said, " It feels better. Pray again." She must have prayed about 4 times and then I got down on the floor and did a push up, which I couldn't have done moments before. It didn't feel 100% so i had her pray again...and again...and again. all the while i was pulling on my wrist and trying to see if it hurt. Finally I went in the hallway and did a hand stand...Healed!!! I can now do handstands again!!! God is so amazing!! the only thing now is that when i do handstands both wrists hurt. Probably cause I'm out of shape... Maybe we could pray that God takes off all the fat too;)
May Jesus Bless You All,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photos of our home

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a short slideshow of our home, including our new family car. Hope you enjoy!