Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 will be great

Cheesy title I know but I am serious. We had a great Christmas and New Year with our families and hope that you all had as delightful of a time as we did. We also had the pleasure of going on a cruise with my dads office this last weekend. The best part was it was free. Coming in at a close second was the great food and third was that Erin won a 4g ipod nano in the arcade. We ran into some rough waters on Sunday and I got sick with sinus infections but it was all worth it. It was also our first time leaving both of the kids with Erin's parents. It was a good break for us, and the kids had a great time.
This last wednesday I had the awesome opportunity of leading worship for the youth group at Tulare Bethel Assembly of God. I will be leading worship there until we leave for Costa Rica, Lord willing in August. While I am there it will be my intent to raise up a new worship team from among the youth so that when I leave they will not need a "leader". We will also be a face to a mission. They will be monthly supporting us as we leave for Costa Rica. The hope is that it will excite them for missions and giving, and give them a better understanding of how our giving of money can effect the world . Anyways, I am very excited for what God is doing this year already.
I was speaking to a friend this last week and discussing all that has happened in '07. It seems like things have been shaken, marriages, jobs, and our own lives have felt all shaken up. I have been thinking that it is all just like the Bible says it will be "all that can be shaken will be shaken". God has been testing us all. He may not be done but it may be over. We may be on the edge of a great out-pouring  of the Holy Spirit or it may just be more of what only God knows. Either way, this year I will be ready. I am very excited that we are moving closer to what I feel God is calling us to. I am also excited  for this year and I hope you are all getting glimpses of what God is doing.
          Thanks for checking in and Jesus Bless you,