Monday, September 1, 2008

Communication can resume!

                                                                      in the airport.

Ella & Judah playing in our yard (yes  that's the whole thing)
Wow!! There's way too much to tell you all about.  The really big thing is that just a few minutes ago we had our internet and cable hooked up. Yeah!! We have no T.V. yet but that will come soon enough. We are looking forward to watching lots of cartoons in spanish (it's a good way to learn the language)
      So we arrived on the 20th of Aug. @ 10:00pm Costa Rica time. We were greeted by our big brother who had arranged for us to be picked up and taken to our new home. We got, in looked around, and then went to sleep. Since then we have unpacked and tried to make this house our home. We moved a bed and bought 2 coffee cups and some glad storage containers for food but other than that we have what we need. (I use need in the real sense, like need... not want.. there's a lot to want) Overall the house is nice. It has plenty of room and is in decent condition. The only real drawbacks are the termites, ants, and roaches. I've been chasing the ants and roaches trying to find out where they come from but to no end. I bought painters caulk and have been caulking every little hole in every room of the house. 
      The weather is wonderful. It is usually sunny in the morning from 5am until around 2-3
pm when it starts to rain. The first few days it rained about an hour... Now it seems to rain from 2-9pm every day. It's alright though, we bought a large umbrella that keeps our heads dry. (if you're walking in the rain everything else is wet. 

here's our front driveway. (everything has bars)
We are officially starting school tomorrow. We have had orientation for the last 4 days and it has been long and boring. I am looking forward to actually learning spanish. So here's a taste of our days. We get up at 5:15 (4:15 in CA) and Erin makes the kids lunches. Ideally this will be when we pray and read the Bible as well, but we haven't gotten that in the morning yet. We get the kids up around 5:45 or 6:00 and get them fed and ready so we can leave for school by 7:05. We have about a 15 min. walk from our house to school so we get there drop off the kids by 7:20 and then our classes start at 7:30.(orientation started at 8:00)  We will have 3 classes daily: Grammar, language, phonetics. it works out to about 4 hours a day but then we are supposed to do homework. I don't know how much we'll have but everyone else says it's overwhelming. 
So anyways... that's enough for today... I'll write more soon... the afternoon is naps... bible...dinner... and bed by 8:00pm.... there's a lot of details but you can ask about them.... So far we are loving it but we still ask that you would pray for us to learn quickly, and for continued financial provision. We made our one time goal (Thank Jesus) but we are still lacking in monthly support.... God is good all the time. 
Thanks for checking in.

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Becky Smith said...

Hi Janzens,
Seems like all is well so far. Cute pics of the kids. If you have specific needs, please let us know, we'd love to help you....REALLY!
Love and miss you,
Becky and Marty