Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh, the sweeter things in life.

Man, there are definitely perks to being a missionary in Costa Rica. For one... These sweet chairs. You can't even buy things like this in the states. 
Most houses here come fully furnished. Whether you buy or rent, like we are, the house has at least the bare minimum. In our case we have more bare than minimum. We received these four lovely chairs today because four of our six "normal" chairs were broken. We are really looking forward to our crate arriving. It is really difficult to cook with no utensils. I flipped pancakes the other morning with a wooden spoon. Later that night we served chicken soup with that same spoon and a coffee cup(1 of 3 total) We have 3 plates, 3 bowls, 7 plastic cups, 4 knives that wont cut butter, and some really old pans (guess how many...3)
So tonight we had pasta with salchichon (sausage, and I don't know where or how to put an accent yet)  So here are a few pictures of our dinner. I took the pictures and Ella didn't want hers taken (thus the pics of Judah and Erin)
This week was also the first week of school. It seems to be review for me although I have learned  a little. Erin has already been frustrated with it all and would really like prayer for her ability to retain Spanish. Here's a few more pictures from the first week of school... Just cause. 
Thanks for reading. 


Anonymous said...

How's my favorite Costa Rician Family?
It was good to read the latest news. Ella looked tired in the airport pic, but excited about going to school. Hopefully your container will get there soon and you will have the things you "need". If you guys do need anything let us know and we'll help. Do you have a mailing address? Email it when you can. Love and miss you all - but very proud and happy you are all safe and progressing along on your journey. Keep in touch - give the kids hugs and kisses from us...
Auntie Antz & Uncle Carlos

rachel trigueiro said...

Ella already looks so much bigger! Maybe it's just her long grown-up hair, but either way, I can't believe how big she looks! Miss you guys lots. :) Rach (& James!) :)