Thursday, August 21, 2008

We made it to Costa Rica!

Well we made it!! We spent our first day unpacking our bags and walking around with our big brother and sister from the language school. We have no internet service in our house so I am writing from the Dixons apartment. We will do our best to keep you all informed about our journey. God is always good. He's faithful and He knows what He's doing. More to come soon.


Sky said...

HOORAYYY!!!! You made it! You're safe! You're in COSTA stinkin' RICA to like... live!!!! We are so excited for you. Our prayers have not ceased and we think about you guys a lot! We leave for Zambia the 17th and are praying desperately that we get to stay. Our house still hasn't sold and we're not done raising money... God is good, though, isn't He?

Love you each and all! Excited for you!

Anna Mahathey said...

you're there! how awesome! i miss you guys so much but you are contantly in my prayers. good luck getting settled in there.

Anonymous said...

well glad to hear u guys got there safely and and our morning prayer group at work continues to pray for you and your family, and while u do wish for embassy, i for sure do well stay safe and may he protect and guide your family as you push forward to do his will, god bless and we will talk later.... Manuel M