Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why we Know...

Well I said that I would let you in on why we know God has directed us to go to Costa Rica. Well, if you didn't read our first posting on the blog you can check that out for how God changed Erins' heart about it. That in itself was a huge event. Other than that our whole life has led up to leaving. For me it started when I was about six. I began collecting change and sending it to a missionary in Costa Rica as often as a young kid could. I guess you could say I have been sowing into the country for a long time. Erin and I have been married for almost seven years. In that time the only thing we have purchased besides our home was a kitchen table and a computer desk. It has been very odd that everything we have has been given to us. Erin has asked several times to buy furniture but we never felt like we could afford it so we never did. So really, we have nothing to leave behind. Erin has always said that she knows she'd move away but never known where to.
Another huge sign has been my job situation. I have always felt drawn to ministry. I was a youth pastor for a short time and have looked into other types of ministry opportunities but nothing ever felt right. I always felt like there was something else. Currently I work for So. CA. Gas Co. and I love certain aspects of the job but still I feel like there is something more for me. S.I. provides an outlet for ministry as well as utilizes my strengths in construction. for the first time this opportunity seems like it could fit. There is more that God continues to show us in this process. It is very encouraging when we are questioning if we made the right decision and He shows us another thing He's done to prepare us. 
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Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

Hello Jeremy & Erin! I just happened to stumble across your blog while I was on Rachel's blog! Good to be able to have a way to keep up with you guys! Australia is great and we are LOVING it! I would love to be able to keep updated and pray for you guys in this season of your lives! Hope all is well! xx