Thursday, February 7, 2008

25% yippeeee!!!

Well hello All!  I hope you are all doing well! We are all very well and seem to have missed the sickness that's been floating around, lucky us. We are busy, as always, but enjoying the season God has us in now. We're in our birthday season for the next few months. My nephew, sister, and Judah all have birthdays in February. My niece and a close cousin are late March. Ella and another cousin are early April, and my sister, Jennifer is expecting her 3rd beginning of May.  Then on to our anniversary, which is on Mother's Day, and Erin's birthday at the end of the month.  It's a lot of parties let me tell you!
Well, we are still in the process of raising funds to go to Costa Rica but as I was running some numbers this evening I saw to my amazement that we are already 18% of the way. Even better is that if everyone who has told us they will give monthly does we will be over 25%!!! That's exciting.  This however brings up a good question that some have expressed. Some have wondered if we are for sure going and what would happen to their moneys they have given if we don't go. Well, short of a death or invasion or God audibly speaking, we are intending to go as soon as possible. The only hitch is fund raising. If we aren't fully funded by May or June we will have to push our departure time back to January of '09. If we aren't funded by then it'll be pushed back until May '09. past that I can't say because I really believe that God will get us there by then. Our hope however is still to leave in August of '08. We are attending MTI (Missionary Training Institute) in June one way or another so we will be prepared to leave as soon as possible after that. As far as what would happen to the moneys if we didn't go, as unlikely as it is, all moneys I believe will stay with SI to fund the ministry they are a part of around the world. That is still a good enough cause for me but don't worry, we are going.... as soon as possible ';)
Another question that has been asked is, "Why give now if we aren't even leaving yet?" We actually have two accounts with SI. Account 1 is for our monthly living when we are living in Costa Rica, that one isn't being filled yet. The other (account 2) is building funds now in order to pay for our moving expenses, language school when we get there, to get legal documents for living there, and anything else to "Get Us There".  In other words, it's a one time expense. All contributions we receive now, monthly and one time, goes into this account until we are actually living in country. In order to  leave we must have enough pledged monthly to live on(account 1) as well as enough to get us there(account 2). 
Through all of this I am at times worried but then I remember... this wasn't really our idea. God has called us to go and He will be faithful to get us there. Actually.... I think I will write another blog right after this one to tell why we know it is God directing us.  Anyways, I know deep down that we are called to go and it is a great peace to us to know we are in God's will for us right now. He will do everything in His timing and we can rest in that. Like I said, at times the enemy tries to take that assurance from me, but I know the truth and I can always fall back on that.
Again I thank you all for taking time out of your day to read about our lives. It means so much to know you all support us. If you would like to support us in any way you can send all donations to Students International P.O. Box 2733 Visalia, Ca 93279. make checks payable to Students International and to make sure they get to us Write "Janzen" in the memo. Also if possible send a note to let us know if you are committing to monthly support us or if it's a one time gift. All contributions are tax deductible and very appreciated. Remember, you are all a part of God's work, find your place and thrive in it. If it's giving give. If it's going go. Thanks a lot and Jesus Bless You All,
Jeremy Janzen 

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