Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend at the Beach

The kid's, Jeremy, and I went over to Morro Bay on Friday the 22nd.  The weather was predicting rain, rain, and more of the same!  I questioned going, but realized, do my kids care? No!  They just want to be at the beach.  So on Friday I decided, packed too much stuff, and we left that evening.  Being the smart mom I am, I let Judah take a nice long nap just before we left.  I guess I didn't think that through too well.  He was ready to play and let loose until we strapped him in that car seat for a "not so fun" car ride to the beach.  Yep, he's a screamer all right.  At least all the way to Kettlemen!  I remember thinking when Ella was a baby, "Where are the earplugs when I need them, and are they illegal to wear while I drive?"  They would've come in handy at times... many times.  So we are telling ourselves we are preparing for our trip to Colorado in June.  Jeremy says we just need to take Judah on some more short road trips before then to get him ready.  I say no sleeping for a week and then maybe he'll just crash out the many hours it takes to get there!  All that aside, we had a fun time at the coast.  Jeremy's family has a place at Morro Dunes park for a month so all the family rotates on who goes when.  Jeremy was there from Fri. - Sun. night and left with his dad. I stayed until Tues. morning with the kids and took our mom home too.  The rain was off and on so when we had the chance we took the kids out to look for rocks and play in the sand.  Ella loves the water and pretty much anything to do with the beach.  She had a great time.  This was Judah's second time and he liked crawling in the sand, eating the sand, and watching the waves while riding in the stroller.  On Sunday we drove around to some different beaches and there was no beach! The surf had come up so high, and the sea was so rough that there were severe weather warnings about going in the water.  People that lived there said this was a once in ten years phenomenon.  It was pretty crazy. Jeremy, Ella, Doug, and Debbie were walking on a beach and at one point in a matter of seconds had to run up a hill to where the highway was just to get away from a wave that flooded the place they had just been.  A surfer came running because he saw the wave come and thought they were gone with it.  He's was ready to jump in the water after them! 
Monday was a beautiful day and we got to spend a lot of time on the beach just playing and having fun.  It ended up being a nice little get away.  We'll see if we can make it again before their month is through there.

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Knitting Mania said...

Yay...I found your blog Erin. Well it was certainly good to read all about you guys and get caught up on your lives. Seems like we are all on a journey this year.

After all this is the year of new beginnings, 08! I'm ready, how about you guys???

Love the pic of your family. Hey come visit my blog, I've just posted a book review on this amazing read, maybe you've heard about it already, it's been circulating. Called, "The Shack", it really spoke to my heart.

Love you guys and I'm so glad I can keep up on you now..

Blessings, Chris