Thursday, September 6, 2007

We have info!!

This last Sunday we had a meeting at the Dixons. (They're the family we'll be moving to Costa Rica with) We were able to spend time with them and two other women who are also considering going with us, Krysta and Cailah. We ate dinner and spent time talking about everything we could think of relating to Costa Rica. Jeff Dixon is on staff with Students International, S.I., so he knows more than the rest of us. He has estimated their cost of living at $3500 per month. plus the one time cost of $20,000 for schooling, moving, and a car. (Cars are about 40% more in C.R.) We figure our expenses will probably be just a little less than theirs because we don't need a house with an office. We are estimating around $3000 per month although it may be a little more to begin because of language school and some missionary training we have to complete. Over all we are pretty excited to know a bit more. We asked when we need to move down there and it all depends on when we raise enough support. I have heard that some missionaries spend two or three years raising support, I hope that's not our situation. God willing, we will move with the Dixon's around June but otherwise we'll be going whenever the Lord provides the money.
I appreciate all of you putting up with my last post. the one about golf. Sorry for those of you who do not golf, I was a little excited about my game. Erin, Jeff, and Tracey (Dixon) have all told me I shouldn't have put that on here so again I apologize. But for those who want to hear about my golf you'll have to e-mail me. (I'm expecting lots of e-mails:))
thanks again for all of you who are supporting us in prayer or financially. We appreciate it greatly and we know that you are spreading Jesus as much as we are.

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The Dixons said...

You can mention your golf game, just don't give us a shot by shot replay!!