Saturday, August 25, 2007

just life and golf

So it's been a while since we updated you all... not much going on. Yesterday my dad and I went golfing, his treat, because i didn't have to pay i decided to buy my first pair of golf shoes. They were half off and had a great two year water proof warranty. We played the lakes to the valley at valley oaks in Visalia. On the front nine I started with a bogey after four shots to the green and a one putt from seven ft. out. Then i birdied the second with a great second shot within 40 yards of the front of the green, pitched it within four feet and one putted again. Third hole I parred with a one putt and fourth also. Fifth had a great drive, great second shot, and two putted from 20ft. On the sixth i had a great drive just off the fairway. We both saw where it went but there was no bounce and we never found the ball. That's the first time I've lost a ball in the fairway. Anyways, I dropped one and hit it within 10 ft. and two putted for par. Parred the 7th with a nice 60ft two putt, then double bogeyed the 8th and bogeyed the ninth. That's a 40!!! back nine wasn't so great. but i shot a 44 with a par on the second and a birdy on the 9th. all in all i was excited. To bad golf is so expensiveI might actually be good at this game, HA. Anyways thanks for checking in.

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