Monday, November 14, 2011

November is the month of change.

Well after a very long and stressful few months we are finally in our little house up on the hill. While it sometimes feels like camping in a house it is now beginning to feel like our home. We moved everything up the hill after the rainiest week of the year. Two days before the move Jeremy slid right off the driveway and through a barbed wire fence. We ended up running over two trees and ruining about 60 ft. of the neighbors fence getting the car out :-/ At the same time we found out that due to the change in climate any pine wood molded within a week. This meant tearing out all of the kitchen cabinets again to re-seal them as well as painting all of the furniture. Needless to say it was a few days of craziness.
Now that we're in (even though it's not all finished) we are really enjoying the fresh air and space that we have. We wake up at 6:00am to the birds, parrots, and the sound of the river and around 7:00am the sun finally crests the mountain to our east. It's definitely cooler as we're no longer surrounded by concrete and are about 300ft higher up the mountain. The kids are loving the outdoors, playing in the new chicken coop, and just running around in the mud. November is also the month that it stops raining and gets colder. We're looking forward to a few more dry days and getting more done on the house so it's not quite as dirty.

The next big event in life will be the birth of "baby J." We still don't have a name for him but I'm sure it will come in the next few weeks along with the baby:) Erin is always pushing to get more done on the house to be ready for him but as we've heard from many people, "you're never really ready."
Thanks to all of you who keep up with our story. It means a lot to have you all involved in some way. Remember that facebook it the best way to keep up wit daily life!! Blessings and thanks for reading.

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