Monday, March 23, 2009

My Turn!

So now it's officially MY turn to watch the kids for a week without my other half. Jeremy left on Sunday for the jungle to help lead a team of men from the valley on a "vision" trip.  He'll be gone till next Sunday.  Sunday started out pretty good with Jeremy continuing his Sunday morning tradition of strawberry waffles.  Yes, even though he was planning on heading out, he still wanted us to have our waffles.  So great. After he left, the kids and I played at the park until we all officially needed bath #2 for the day.  We later received some gifts from my mom (Nana) and my sister (Auntie Antz) that made their way to Costa Rica c/o some men who were coming to the jungle.  The kids were extremely excited and immediately started playing and wearing their new gifts.  Thanks Nana and Auntie Antz! Later on I decide to make some pasta sauce that would be for spaghetti Sunday and pizza Monday.  I had a couple more tomatoes to chop and put in when I decided to check how big my dutch oven pot was.  I wanted an idea of about how much I already had in the pot.  So I lifted it up, the rim then somehow hit and got stuck on the hood above the stove, and it all came tumbling down.  You know that sick feeling you get when you're at a loss for words, that's how I felt.  If it was a jar of Prego, no problem. But the fact I just spent 30 min chopping and sauteing and was 3 tomatoes shy of a yummy sauce, wasn't okay.  I think I tried hard to hold it together until Ella asked what had happened since she was standing right there.  I just cried, just being frustrated and tired and now not knowing what to do for dinner.  Luckily, there was my daughter who tells me, "Mommy, I can make you feel happy." And she just held on to my leg and then gave me a hug while she swayed back and forth.  It was just what I needed and I told her so.  Luckily my teammate Tracey mentioned earlier in the day I was welcome over for dinner that night.  At this point I changed our plans and gave her a call.  I knew at this point I just needed to throw in the towel and not try anything else.  Thank goodness for friends and open invitations! 
Today we didn't have school.  Instead they had "culture day" and I decided to stay home with the kids.  I figured I don't get to see them enough anyway so I'd take the opportunity.  I'm hoping to stay on task this week and just enjoy time with the kids in the evening.  If you've made it this far in this blog, please pray for motivation for me.  I'm really feeling ready to be done with school and be with my kids more.  Behaviors they're displaying make me want to be with them more often to correct, and not being able to is tough sometimes.  So, yeah! Only 5 more weeks. Let's pray I (and Jeremy : ) make it through strong and learn everything we can. Although I'm not so sure how much more my brain can hold!  
We're also in the process of looking for our more permanent residence, a home to rent. Not being familiar with the areas makes it hard, so we're really believing God to help us find one. He knows our desires and our concerns, and knows what's best for us.  Please pray with us that His direction in this would be clear.  We want more than anything to be in His will. Thanks for reading!


Nicole said...

Erin, I can just picture Ella holding onto your leg swaying! I am glad she was there to let you know in her own way, "There's no use crying over spilled sauce." :)
I am praying for you and school. You can do it! :)

Sarah said...

Dear God, thank you for taking Erin through the frustration of losing dinner, and thank you for giving her some good time with her kids. Please encourage her. Thank you that you love us and discipline us for our good. Please give her strength to make it through the next 5 weeks of class and wisdom for her kids. And please provide a good home for them. Amen.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating life can be!! I will be praying for encouragement, motivation and contentment (and a spongy brain to absorb more Spanish). Jackie R

Bob Hughes said...

Hang in there. Thanks for your faithfulness. I'm praying for you and your family.