Friday, February 27, 2009

The report

Well, here's a quick run down of our lives. Erin and the rest of our female staff here in Costa Rica has been in Guatemala for the last week which leaves me and Jeff home with the kids. It really hasn't been that bad but the dishes tend to pile up quick. 
So every day we've still gone to school (except I was a little sick thursday) And then the kids come home and take naps, then we play at the park, eat and play a little after dinner then it's off to bed. It's not so bad. Ella cries every night for about 10 minutes for her mom but other than that they've done great. I printed a few pictures of Erin and we taped them to the wall. tonight while putting Ella to sleep I jumped on her bed and laid against the wall. Ella immediately started crying cause she wanted to "lay next to mama". So cute... Then she got up like she has most nights and gave the silliest picture of mama a kiss. Erin will probably cry when she finds out. It was adorable. 
Well other than that there's not much to report. School is going well. We have a wonderful teacher who is very very gifted. I have a class in which I go out and just talk to people about whatever I want to learn. It's been good to learn not only language but culture as well. We have come a very long way in the last 7 weeks. I feel like I know so much more than I did at Christmas time. We now have 86 ways to use every verb!!! 86!! It's pretty hard to remember exactly how to use each different tense. Here's a quick example. feel free to skip it.
Present tense Caminar (to walk)
There are 6 "people" 
Camino                 Yo (1st person) 
Caminas               Tú (you informal)
Camina                 El/Ella/Usted (3rd person singular or 2nd person formal)
Caminamos          Nosotros (1st person plural)
Camináis               Vosotros (I don't really know cause I never use it plural something)
Caminan               Ellos/Ustedes (3rd person plural or 2nd person plural)
Then past has all the same "people" but I wont write them with the root "Camin" and endings 
so in those two forms, present and past there are 12 "uses" for one verb... Well then there are 12 more tenses... Each with 6 "uses" imperfect preterite, conditional, future, PPC, Plusc, perfect preterite, future perfect, conditional perfect, Present perfect subjunctive,  past perfect subjunctive, future perfect subjunctive. I dont know if I got them all or what.... Horrible, But we're learning.
So besides that... We're here. We've never doubted that we're supposed to be here, never wanted 
to leave. We're just trying to live life and really figure out how Gods gonna do what we think He wants 
I leave you with a little video love Ella and Judah.


Sarah said...

send ella my compliments :)

sorry it's been hard recently. It's good that our God is faithful.

Jil said...

We loved the video! Especially Em :) Who is your teacher this trimester? I'm pretty rusty on how to use all those verb tenses- 3 months in the states will do that to you I guess. What's really hard now is hearing and trying to use vos. It's killing me! :) We miss you all! -jil

Jana Eads said...

Even though it takes forever to load videos with our internet connection here, I did and the kids watched it like 5 times and laughed and laughed.
Tell Ella thanks for her lovely singing :) You've got some funny kids.