Saturday, December 13, 2008

FIesta De Los Niños.

I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to help at a Christmas party for some very poor children yesterday. It was so precious to watch them open presents, or not open presents because they wanted to wait and do it with their parents. We had kids from age 2-12. Each one recieved a ham and cheese sandwich, soda, a ballon character from a clown and one (age appropriate) gift. Some kids tore right into them, some wouldn't open them at all. Others took 30 min. to open theirs. I often wondered what they were thinking. Were they just happy to receive a toy? Did receiving a toy make them realize how poor they were? Were they sad that they couldn't share the experience with their family?  Were they happy to receive a toy and sad that their family didn't gat one? I wonder. One boy took so long to open his toy truck that his friends got upset and wanted to open it for him. Another boy opened his toy and folded the paper and when he thought no one was looking stuffed the paper in his bag to take it home. 
It was very fun being able to give this experience to these kids and especially to be able to share with them about Jesus' birthday. I hope that we will have a way to effect these kids in the future. I'm going to try to upload my pictures so I hope you enjoy!!

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