Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving, (dia de accion de gracias)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! We don't have Thanksgiving here in Costa Rica but we're still gonna celebrate it. We have chickens and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies (turkey would cost me my left arm so we'll just do chicken) Our friends are making other stuff so we should have a lot of fun!! We made a small video of Ella saying what she's thankful for. Check it out on youtube. The video should be posted sometime today... It's uploaded but needs to be processed. Click the family videos link on the right side of the blog and it will take you there. I'll make a link later for those of you who can't find it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We love you all!
Here's the link:


Rachel Smith said...

Happy Thanksgiving (day after) to you guys! :)
Ive been readin your blogs, but havent left any comments because i just found the link to do so. :)

Definatly have been seeing those cute videos of the kids, you guys should make one where all of you are in it at one point! :)

Miss ya guys, been praying and thinking about you A LOT!! it gets hard for me at times, but HEY you are in Gods hands and thats the perfect place to be!!
love love love you :)

Antz said...

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving with your chicken. Saw the video, cute. We were most proud to get a "shout out" from Ella. However, Aunt Malinda missed hers, he, he, he. We missed you all at dinner - it was the first in mom's new kitchen/dining room - which has turned out rather nice. Just a few small touches needed but the major work is done. Boy was she glad. Aunt Stella and her husband Al joined us also which was nice.
We went to the after Thanksgiving sales later the next day but it wasn't the same not getting to shop for Ella and Judah. :( We found the items we were looking for and didn't have to leave the house all that early.
We miss ya and pray all is well, give the kids hugs and kisses from Uncle Carlos and Auntie Antz, xoxo