Monday, November 17, 2008

A little friend for Ella (not Judah)

As I was coming out of the bathroom today I saw something moving on the floor. It was a gecko i think. I quickly called the kids to see it and then caught it in an old lid for  trash can. Ella loved it, she's our dare devil. She touched it and held it by its tail. She rubbed it and screamed when it jumped on her. Judah however screamed and ran back inside. He wanted nothing to do with it... Here's some pictures of Ellas little friend... with and without all of his tail. 

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Daniel Eads said...

We have LOTS of geckos here too. we've got 5-6 that just live in our house (we'll tolerate them b/c they eat mosquitos!)
Grace loved these pictures of Ella-- maybe she'll think about touching one now :D