Friday, October 26, 2007

Not much going on here

Well , it has been quite a while since our last post but not much has been going on. As I wrote in the last post I went to L.A. for more training with The Gas Co. and it was very uneventfull. I was trained to walk leak survey. The entire job consists of walking over every Gas main and service with a machine that sucks air up into it and measures the amount of methane gas present. If I find any indications I call for a crew to come investigate or just write up some papers to document it. I end up walking from six to eight miles every day and also end up very, very bored. Some of my coworkers think that I am being punished by our management for my decision to move to Costa Rica and leave the company. I haven't decided where i stand on the issue but I know that God can still teach me something through this extremely boring job.
Other than that, we appreciate all of you who continue to support us in prayer and with finances. We are still going to need to see a miracle if we are to move next June. It seems impossible in my mind but nothing is too big for God. I am just waiting for one of my references to send in his form and then I'll be interviewed and hired, then we can hopefully begin receiving financial contributions through S.I. For all of you that are planning on supporting us we would appreciate you to begin as soon as possible or the beginning of the year. all of the moneys received before our departure will go towards our moving costs and schooling. We need about $10,000- 15,000 for that .
Well, we gotta run. God bless you all,
Jeremy and the Janzens

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