Monday, July 11, 2011

really quick

So just a quick post because we haven't been very consistent this year. We're still pluggin' along at the house. The celling is in and almost done, the bathroom is close, the doors and windows are on and it looks like our move in date will be the end of August... Hopefully. The kids are doing great! Ella and Judah continue to surprise us with their spanish and are doing great in school. Erin is now 5 months along with our 2nd boy, baby J for now. I'm burning the candle at both ends in full swing at the shop with students from the US and also working on the house as much as is humanly possible. We keep saying it's just a season... Oh Lord I hope so! One thing is for sure, God is great in the midst of it all. He never fails us even when we totally forget about him. He is all that's keeping me going.
So I'll leave you with some photos of my guys in class C. They just finished their medicine cabinets and seem SUPER excited! It's really great to be able to send them home with something that they can really be proud of. This week they start the same project but in reverse. (they're starting with the door to practice their measurements) Should be fun! Be praying with us as we're looking to make a simi-major change at the shop and start 1 or 2 more classes like class C with some older guys from Los Guido. A few of them have been in prison and have no options left so what we offer could really make a huge impact in their life. Please pray with me for safety and wisdom as we dive in to this newish project.
Here's the pictures of the guys as promised... Blessings and thanks for reading.

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