Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coming to a Close

Here we are the first of December and the first full school year is coming to a close for Ella and Judah. This has been a year full of firsts for all of us and a lot translating on my part (Erin) of homework assignments. There really is no better way to learn than to crash and burn I've discovered. Countless times I've arrived at an event to find out I obviously didn't quite understand what my kids were to be dressed in. So frustrating for me, Jeremy can attest. As a mom trying to figure it all out, I've laughed, I've cried. I keep telling myself, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter : )
Jeremy and I sometimes think about when we arrived in Costa Rica and how we felt so sad when we'd go to the park or McDonalds and saw the look on our kids faces. They were in the dark as to what was going on around them because of the language. Now, it literally takes maybe one minute and they've made new friends, it doesn't matter where we are! It makes my heart so happy that they've adapted. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say to Ella, "Wow, you speak better than your mom!" I roll my eyes and smile politely : / Ella doesn't cease to remind me of that either, how sweet she is. But seriously, they are doing amazing in their Spanish and Ella has just loved school. She effortlessly joins in with her friends and always has stories to tell us. Judah always tells us about his friends Eduardo, Camila, and Oelia (sp?). And then there's that kid, Samuel, the biter. Seems like every schools got one. I always ask Judah what he does afterward, "Oh, nothing." Bless his little heart. Funny story, his teacher told me one day there was a boy in his class that was biting (mordiendo). Sad thing is that I heard that there was a kid in his class that was dying (muriendo)! I said, "Oh, no, how awful!" Then I realized when she showed me the bite mark on Judah, things weren't so bad.

So to wrap up their years, I'll be baking some cookies for the 4 teachers my kids have. People here LOVE gringo cookies. It's a foreign concept to them I think. Baking, cookies, and things that we make in the states on a regular basis are not the norm here. Most people use their ovens just to store things in. So I don't think I can go wrong there. I'm happy for vacation time, un-rushed days with my kids, baking (and taste-testing) together, Christmas songs, and hot cocoa. Now if this rain would just stop and let us take a nice walk to the park, that would be nice. Hope you're all having fun preparing for the holidays. Be blessed!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved this. I so understand the translating assignments thing! and the sad feeling we used to have when Em would just look around at the kids playing. she's still learning spanish, but she's braver now using what she knows. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! enjoy your break!!