Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well today was a day of firsts for Judah and I. Today was Judah's first day of school! We have been a little worried about how he'd handle it, but lets just get right to it... HE DID GREAT!! We had been talking about how he needed to be a big boy and not cry, he knew that he wouldn't know anyone he knew that people only spoke in spanish, but we didn't know how it would go. He woke up and was excited as I've ever seen him. He was excited to get dressed in his school shirt (kids wear uniforms here... I kinda like it;) He was excited to ride the bus (car's in the shop) He was excited to walk from the bus stop to the school... And then he was gone! Just walked right inside! The parents can't come past the gate so when we got there he just waked in, grabbed the teachers hand and was gone! Never even said goodbye. And what was the only thing he had to tell me when I came home at 6:00?... That he fell of the swing. Ha.
Today was also my first day of cleaning in the new shop! WooHoo!! Here is a picture of how it looks now.
This past monday Jeff and I went to look at it again and had decided on a price that we would pay. We didn't even have to "work him down." He lowered the price almost $200 dollars for us and gave us february free to clean and do repairs. So this morning I borrowed a pressure washer from our new landlords and went to work... More pics...

So I washed and scrubbed and finally had to buy some sort of acid and a big pry bar to chip the stuff off of the floor. Disgusting!!! There had been a mechanic in this shop for the last six or seven years. They had used the back corner and the back bathroom as storage for greasy parts and the used oil bin... It would have never happened in the states... The oil (and whatever else) was like concrete and took a lot of muscle to get it off. There was also paper, rags, paint, and the occasional nut all locked together in the blackness. After about 5 hours of work this is what it looks like.

Now all we have to do is: clean some more, put up a sound barrier for the apartments behind, build a security gate, build a locker for our tools, move the tools in, build a sliding wall, build tables, chairs and cabinets, invite kids and we're on our way. (it's really not that much)
So for all of you who pray, pray that God would dwell in this building, that kids would come, and that God would open the doors for me to build some great, lasting relationships. Also pray that our house would rent... It's really getting old having to worry about it.


Mary Ellen Meyer said...

So, is this where the JCS kids will be working ... I will pray =)
Sure wish we were coming down with the group to see you guys but we really will be praying for a tremendous outreach. Give everyone our best!

Jana Eads said...

What a great opportunity.
Looks a lot like here- a lot of random tile, paint-worn walls, "excellent" bathroom facilities... :-)