Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're finally reconnected!!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there while we were without internet for awhile!  Like we've said before, things happen in Costa Rica slowly, and apparently getting hooked up for internet too.  For those who don't know, we moved ourselves into our new house at the end of April with much help from parents, Doug and Debbie, who were here visiting.  Thanks again!! In the process of unpacking we found out it could be up to a year before our internet could be hooked up at our new location.  I don't understand all the details, but needless to say, we were pretty bummed! And so was our Skyping family.  Long story short, a new company was now offering internet to our area, and after their 3 attempts to come and install it, we are finally online! Thank you Cabletica! I think Jeremy and I agree we are feeling quite cozy in our new home.  We have acquired most of the furniture that we need and have a great welcoming family next door.  Their names are Vinicio, Gabriela, and Daniel (4yrs).  They have invited us into their home to share meals, gifted us with small "welcome" gifts, and shared tamales through the gates.  Her parents own one of the first tamale factories in the nearest town to us, Aserrí.  Did I mention I  love tamales! It has been fun getting to know them and also fun for Ella and Judah to have a playmate come over and practice Spanish.  I'm sure they're not worried about the practicing Spanish part, I just enjoy watching Judah say, "Daniel, venga aquí!" Over and over he'll say it.  It means "come here" in Spanish. 
We feel like we're are now getting into the swing of things with teams beginning to come down. 
With the last team, Jeremy had 3 people helping him at a home in Los Guidos.  Our new friend Isabel teaches sewing classes in her home for young mothers as a way for them to hopefully turn around and make a living.  She also leads Bible studies in her home as well.  Jeremy's team completely redid her second bathroom that she uses for the ladies, it had many problems.  They built a new eve on her home to act as a shield from the rain for the place she teaches the sewing.  They also refinished a large table she had that she also needed for her classes.  She was extremely blessed by the team.  She told us the neighbors were watching what was going on all week and said they noticed something different compared to other "missionaries" that have come through.  I know that was a big encouragement to the team.  We're here to love the people of Costa Rica.  We're here to serve and be a blessing in what ways we know how.  It's not a big production or show.  That is what I love about SI.  Hopefully people will be encouraged by our lives and seeing our love.  We don't want this to ever be about us and what we can do.  It's Christ living in us and through us!!  
Jeremy and our teammate Cailah  will be returning from the jungle today bringing a group of young high schoolers from the states.  They've been there since last Wed.  It's kind of exciting to see the tired faces that come back, but to also hear what has impacted them the most so far.  They will have a few days with us here in the city working at the ministry sites as well.  So much going on here and it seems their is always something new to write about.  I almost forgot to mention that we purchased a second car for me, Erin, a couple of weeks ago.  It's a '90 Toyota 4runner that will be our family car.  Jeremy is still looking for a work truck because of all the tools and materials he will be hauling around.  We will then sell our ever so faithful 80's Nissan that humbles me every time I drive it. That cars been great for us.  Quick funny note, someone actually asked me once if we brought that car from California with all our things.  I just started laughing, it was hilarious!   
So after all of this, God is good! He's been faithful and is faithful!  We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we're excited!  Thanks for listening, supporting, and praying!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you guys got a new family car! That will be so nice. It sounds like you are settling in and feeling more at home. It was so nice to hear how everthing is going. Love you all!!!!!!!
- Jennnifer (auntie favorie)